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Firstly, We’re thrilled to present a new Recommended Reading story, courtesy of the good folks the The Coffin Factory. “A Talking Cure” by Justin Taylor (who last week curated a most excellent literary mixtape for The Outlet) is a veritable potpourri of intellectual, neurotic, literary delights. An engaged couple, both academics—she New Media, he Comp Lit—decide to confess their sexual histories à la Barry Hannah’s “Water Liars,” but soon find themselves admitting some hard truths about their sexual present:

So I admit that, yes, I sometimes fake with him. Not very often, I’m quick to add, trying to be kind here, and pulling it off, I think, though this is admittedly something I’ve been looking for a way to talk about.

“Well, when was the last time?” He isn’t looking at me. He’s at the counter, fixing us fresh drinks. Gin and tonics with zests of lime, because even though we can joke knowingly about “the peculiar institution” and “The War of Northern Aggression” we are still the kind of people who live in Philadelphia with their citrus zester. Anyway, I give him the truthful answer about my faking: “Tuesday.”

Guest editors Randy Rosenthal and Laura Isaacman praise Taylor’s writing as “intelligent, poignant, and scrupulous,” “able to capture the tone of a generation crippled by privilege and opportunity… At 30, Taylor is already a master of the craft, using subtle techniques that engage and move the reader in ways that are both startling and sentimental.” We couldn’t agree more.

Secondly! Electric Literature editors Benjamin Samuel and Halimah Marcus are interviewed over at The Rumpus, where they discuss the Brooklyn lit scene and the future of literature, which are pretty much the same thing, amiright?*

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Electric Literature


* Just joking.




Elissa Goldstein is one-half of The Outlet’s editorial team. (The other half is here.)

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