As we’ve noted before, ebooks continue to lag behind print books in sales. While ebooks are clearly not going to disappear, the sales of ebooks have been slowing for some time and now seem to be stagnant. The following infographic from Statista and Forbes and lays out the state of ebooks in publishing:
ebook vs. print

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  1. David Biddle

    Every time I see statistics comparing e-books and. paper books I shake my head. E-books are just another type of format in publishing. First of all, statistics from the publishing industry have always been suspect. Secondly, with electronic publishing now global and hundreds of distribution points for authors that are not linked to any of the “traditional” publishing houses, and all the self-publishing going on through several dozen major sites and hundreds of smaller ones, no one really knows how many “documents” are being downloaded.

    I’m not arguing with this infographic. Just hoping that folks take this information with a few big grains of salt. The data on how many people claim to read e-books may be more meaningful…although even that is questionable. Stats from 2013, for instance, mean nothing here in November 2014. A lot of folks are figuring out they can get free books and self-published reading for free on their smartphones.

    Can we make the next infographic a comparison of Book Reading and Cable TV Watching?


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