“I looked at the world of Rock and Roll and said, ‘Fuck you.’ Fuck your black, fuck your leather. It’s time for Bobby Bird, my friend. It’s time for pink cotton.”

Carson Mell’s Saguaro chronicles the life of rock legend Bobby Bird through fist fights, drug binges, satanic cults, true love, selling out, and coming back.

VICE Magazine says, “[Bobby Bird] has lived enough lives and wild times for a couple Willie Nelsons and maybe one Mick Jagger.”

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Like Bob Dylan’s Chronicles Volume One, Patti Smith’s Just Kids, and Keith Richards’ Life, Saguaro allows us to look behind the curtain of celebrity. Because it’s an American tradition to carefully observe the legends of our time, to live vicariously through the adventures of our heroes. Just like the paths of all those who live fast and hard, Bobby’s path is one better experienced second-hand, beset, as it is, on all sides by drugs, dangerous women, and fisticuffs. Now if Bobby teaches us one thing, it’s that we can learn from our mistakes, and fortunately he’s made enough to fill a textbook.

Saguaro is vivid, funny, and utterly unforgettable. Carson Mell’s imagery is strangely familiar and uncomfortable all at once. It submerges you in the surreal and makes you laugh over and over again.”
– Tony Hawk

“How do you like your adventures? I like mine weird and funny and ugly and sad. That’s why I like Carson Mell, and that’s why I love Saguaro.”
– Patrick deWitt, author of The Sisters Brothers

“It took me .001 of a second to get sucked into that numbing vortex we call A Good Read. Judge for yourself.”
– David Abrams, author of Fobbit

“Mell writes with such surety of voice, and such imaginatively odd imagery, that his prose alone would beguile. But he has visions too, which add a whole other(worldly) layer of surreal, sometimes slowly creeping irony to whatever he creates.”

“Think King of the Hill meets Jesus’ Son meets a sickly coyote howling at the Arizona moon. Mell’s writing is full of broken dreams, drug binges, lush appropriations of Southwestern kitsch, and rock & roll as a last resort for lost souls.”
– Fiction Advocate

“If Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison had a love child raised by Barry Hannah he would sound something like Bobby Bird.”
– Chamber Four

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