Editor’s Note: Jesús Ángel García, author of Badbadbadis blogging his book tour. This is his sixteenth installment.

Love Letter to Chicago

Known images in roughly sequential order (feel free to fill in the blanks): Slumber Party Massacre (Printers’ Ball After-Afterparty) at the Beauty Bar, Tim Jones-Yelvington, Jacob Knabb, Kelly Pearce, Quickies! at Innertown Pub, Jesús Ángel García, Adam Robinson, Scott McClanahan, Sam Pink, Chicago architecture, Art Institute of Chicago, Party Buddha, Postparty Buddha, Hayagreeva, Planells, Rauschenberg, Matta, Lindsay Hunter, Quickies! partygrrrl, Barry Graham, Chicago Public Library, Borges, GoDoGoodChicago, Our Art Is Our Identity, So You Think You Have Nerves of Steel? at Hungry Brain, Azita Youseffi, Felixmüller, Tim Jones-Yelvington as Lit Diva Extraordinaire, Van Gogh, Hodler, Bacon, Magritte, Jay Hill & Ray Gene Bull Tipton, Jacob Knabb as hillbilly rockstar, Good Evening, Dali, Jawlensky, Picasso, Debuffet, Orange Alert Reading Series at the Whistler (thanks to Jason Behrends), Steve Himmer, Sunday Salon at Uncommon Ground, Neighborhood Writing Alliance, Journal of Ordinary Thought, Natalia Nebel, Baby Jesus, Chicago advertising, scribe, Chicago wildlife, ancient disco dancers, Braque, Chagall, Matisse, Hobart & A Night of Serious Drinking (Daumal), The Moon Tonight Feels My Revenge (inspired by Matthew Simmons, the Polish Contingent & Wild Turkey), the Polish Contingent, the Hilton, White Trash Red Dumpster, Printing House Row.

Many thanks to GlitterGuts Photobooth for pic #1, Barry Graham for pic #3 & #13, and Jacob Knabb for pics 64, 65 & 66.

Infinite gratitude to Gina Frangello & Jacob Knabb for Chicago hospitality.

* * * * *

Playlist highlights: Fred Anderson, Magic Sam, Art Ensemble of Chicago, and Azita:

Next up: Lit Love from the Lonesome Highway, Noir Edition: First Lines, Last Lines & Talkin’ New York City Blues Meets the Inspired Word.



—Jesús Ángel García has been off the road from the badbadbad summer tour for nearly six weeks. His next live show takes place on Saturday, Oct. 15, in San Francisco at Litquake’s infamous Lit Crawl. He hopes to wrap up this tour blog by the winter solstice.

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