1. Alex Morris, the host and the curator of the evening with Dorothea Lasky. 2. Andrea, a freshman at NYU came yesterday because of Creative Writing class assignment. One of the 1st readings ever she has attended. Well, good choice, this one…

It was Ash Wednesday yesterday and I thought that going to the Southern Writers Reading Series in Happy Ending Lounge would be the best way to avoid getting my forehead ashed. But oh alas, only Jelly Bean, the deceased bunny of Alex Morris, can tell how wrong I was… So let me explain.

Firstly, Southern Writers are not that much about southern writers anymore. Alex Morris over-took the reading series from Ekono Omadeke and as a true southerner from Alabama, decided that talent can be found also elsewhere “to the contrary to what he was taught back home”. And he wasn’t kidding: the only reader truly from the South was Brit Blalock from Alabama. Brit, however, was quick to explain that that’s because there are only 4 southerners in New York City who read and write.

1. Brit Blalock from Alabama reading her poetry. 2. Daniel Long, Molly Tolsky and their friend.

We experienced a little bit of controversy when Daniel Long, an Oklahoman in NYC, attempted to call himself a southerner. At this point, the issue of a true southern origin became very complicated, especially if you’re a foreigner like me. Basically, the only thing I can claim with certainty is that Dan was the only fiction writer among 3 poets. Or…?

1. Dorothea Lasky amuses everyone with her poem about boobs. 2. I swear to god that all the girls at my table were hiding tears while Dan Long was reading.

We saw also Petro Moysaenko, originally from Cleveland and also Dorothea Lasky. Both, truly funny poets.

Oh, I forgot to tell you about Jelly Bean, the deceased bunny. Well, Alex, as a good catholic boy and a host of the evening in one person, had him cremated and brought his ashes to Happy Ending so that he can apply it on our foreheads. Well, could you say no to that?

1. Music break is a great idea. 2. Petro Moysaenko was forgiven his lack of southerness and read 10 poems.

–Katarina Hybenova is a writer and a photographer based in Brooklyn, and the editor in chief of www.bushwickdaily.com


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  1. jlcmish

    OF COURSE Oklahomans are Southerners. Especially those from the South and Southeastern parts of the state. We have a Historically Black College. We have the eighth of the Seven Sisters colleges of the South, meant to keep good white girls from going to school with good black girls. (Of course, it got complicated–what to do with the good Indian girls.) Our culture, by and large is Southern. We drink sweet tea. We say “bless her heart” in that very wicked way that means “she’s a mess, and let me tell you how while at the same time sounding righteous”), slaveholding was a way of life, and one of the latest lynchings happened in Woody Guthrie’s hometown (which he decried). What more do you want? Barbecue? We’ve got that, too.


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