1. WORD Audience. Among others: beers, our own Scott Lindenbaum (second left) and John Wray on the very right.

It’s a chilly fall evening while I’m rushing through Greenpoint. The sidewalks are slippery because of all the fallen autumn leaves, and I pass by an elderly lady, slightly depriving her of balance who whispers a Polish swear word. Too bad I can understand Polish. But I am on the run because I am hurrying to Word where Vol. 1 Brooklyn, a blog for literary minded, is hosting the first event of the ongoing reading series, Civic Pride, “The Best of Chicago.” Each of the Civic Pride evenings will feature authors from a particular region, and Chicago is on the schedule for tonight.

WORD is full of fans of literary Chicago. Not to be forgotten, there is free beer, brought in directly from a Chicago brewery, Goose Island, which is a very neat step towards an even more enjoyable literary experience.

The first on the line to read is Jami Attenberg, born and raised by Chicago, adopted by Brooklyn. Jami reads a piece from her book Instant Love: Fiction.

1. Jami Attenberg (& her shadow on right): “They met because of the same New Order T-shirts they were wearing. She knew this guy was going to like her.”

Next on the line is Molly Tolsky. Molly authors the one and only Jewish celebrity baby gossip blog on the Internet. Interesting niche.

The third to read tonight is Adam Levin. Current resident of Chicago walks onto the stage with his respectable 1030-page book The Instructions. Adam is a guy with whom you want to sit in a pub for hours and let him tell you the entire story of a 10-year old boy who may or may not be the messiah.

1. Molly Tolsky: “He said: ‘I hadn’t bought a ring or anything, but sure I know the size of your finger.” But I wasn’t ready to commit to marriage, not even the future one.’” 2. Adam Levin: “We yell, but it’s not like we argue, although it sounds like that. We’re just yellers.”

–Katarina Hybenova is a writer and a photographer based in Brooklyn, the author of

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