Ever wondered how long it takes to read The Great Gatsby (2.62 hours) compared to Atlas Shrugged (31.22 hours)? If so, you’ll like this infographic by Personal Creations. It’s similar to an infographic that we made a few months ago comparing the word count of A Song of Ice and Fire to other novels. The times are based on a reading rate of 300 words per minute.


How Long Does it Take to Read


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  1. JC

    While and interesting graphic, all it really does is illustrate pages per book. The conversion to time offers nothing new and is in fact deceptive. There is no way, for instance, that even a very strong reader can read Dickens faster than the DaVinci a Code…the reading levels (vocabulary, syntax, etc.) are so widely different that one could not possibly read them at the same pace (unless perhaps you’re speed reading, but that’s not the metric represented in the info graphic, nor is would it result in equal understanding of both texts). To really represent how long a book would take to read, you would need to multiply each book’s page count by its reading level (pick a metric, there are many)–like competitive diving multiplies each dive’s scorer by the dive’s defined level of difficulty–then convert that into hours/speed. Otherwise, many readers would select a supposedly short book only to find it takes them much longer (or vice versa) because their own average reading speed was influenced by the text’s difficulty.

  2. Paldasan

    If you want a series that blows A Song of Fire and Ice out of the water, both in number of words, quality of writing and level of entertainment then I’d recommend reading the Malazan Book of the Fallen by Steven Erikson.

  3. n

    I like this because when you put the classics next to stuff like The Hunger Games you realize that the classics which everyone thinks are sooooooo long are really not that long. I mean back then they used to not do series they just did one book (though some like Dumas, Dickens and Tolstoy serialized their works so you can say in a sense they were a kind of series). The point is if you have the whole story in one book its long but if you add up Harry Potter series or Game of Thrones or whatever they are just as long if not longer. So if length scares you off the classics, and I know it does for many people, it really shouldn’t.


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