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The best way to support Electric Literature is through recurring member donations. That way we can rely on your ongoing support to pay our regular bills such as rent, writer fees, and salaries.

Our membership program is hosted on Drip, Kickstarter’s patronage platform.


For a monthly gift of $4 or more, members of Electric Literature receive:

  1. Access to year-round submissions for fiction and essays, with a guaranteed response time of 3 months or less. (Regular submissions have a 6-month response time.) Never wait to submit your work to Electric Lit again!
  2. A monthly eBook sampling Recommended Reading’s rich archives, on topics such as magical cities, family conflict, gender and power, and more. These eBooks are compatible with most e-readers including Kindle and iBooks, and are not available anywhere else. Recommended Reading, our acclaimed weekly fiction magazine, has published over 300 issues to date, each with a personal recommendation from a top writer or editor.
  3. Early access to The Blunt Instrument, Elisa Gabbert’s advice column to writers, and a special members-only bonus column every other month.
  4. Members at the Novel level receive a “Writing Well is the Best Revenge” tote, and members at the Epic level get a copy of Papercuts, a party game for the rude and well read. *Please note that membership must be sustained for at least one month in order to receive your gift. We send a survey to the email address attached to your account to gather shipping information, so please make sure to check it.

Already a Member? Access Your Benefits

Current members can access their benefits by logging into Drip.

  • Readers make the best writers, and we want you to have exclusive access to year-round open submissions. Instructions for how to submit through the private member portal can be found here. (You must be logged into Drip as a member to view this page.) But keep the submissions link to yourself! If you share it with non-members, you’ll only be inviting the competition.
  • Need tough advice for a writing problem? Early access to and special editions of Elisa Gabbert's column, The Blunt Instrument, are available on Drip.
  • Recommended Reading themed ebooks will be emailed to you monthly.
  • Have a question about your membership or want to know more before joining? Email Calvin Kasulke at