Who hasn’t wished that they had Dumbledore or Gandalf the Grey as a teacher? While we might not have a wizard for a professor, we can still be inspired by their sage advice. This infographic from Playground Equipment will inspire you with 30 inspirational quotes from fictional teachers and mentors:
Inspirational fiction quotes

13 Responses

    • E

      Personally, I am offended that out of 30 characters, they could only find 1 Lion. Wise fictional lions are very underrepresented here.

    • Traveler3339

      out of 30 inspirational message that is all you took away? why bother reading it at all?

    • Valerie

      If you count Grandmother Willow, I count 6—but exactly! I noticed that too and it kind of soured the pleasure in this idea.

    • Kendra

      While I can think of some great fictional female characters/quotes that could have replaced some of the males, five is still better than none.

      • Lincoln Michel

        Agree there should have been more than five. Electric Literature didn’t create this infographic, only reposted it. But maybe we should make our own with women mentors.

      • Atiya Abbas

        I thought the same! What about Jane Eyre or Elizabeth Bennet or Celie? So many incredible females left out.

  1. Lauren Page

    Can we just appreciate a good thing without picking it apart? Please?

    This is fantastic. Thank you.


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