When looking back on what characters have stayed with us the most over the years, there’s no denying that some of the most prominent ones aren’t even human. From a white whale out for blood to a tail-bouncing tiger, check out this infographic from www.helpucover.co.uk/ of unforgettable animals from your favorite books.animal infographic


Photo via The Found Animals Foundation

15 Responses

  1. Jorge Anaya

    You forgot Virginia Woolf’s “Flush,” Juan Ramón Jimenez’s “Platero,” Homero’s “Argos,” Cervantes’ “Rocinante”…

  2. Anne Bennett

    What about The Disreputable Dog in the Abhorrsen series by Garth Nix?

  3. Ted Fontenot

    Why aren’t Lewis Carroll’s two Alice books represented?

    Mark Twain’s jumping bullfrog.

  4. Randi Levin

    These must be the Journalist’s favorites for they missed or neglected:
    Shea Kahn
    Rosie from Water for Elephants
    The Ugly Duckling

  5. Nicole

    Tigger wasn’t introduced until 2 years later in The House at Pooh Corner. People love to get fast and loose about original A.A. Milne.


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