If you liked Electric Literature‘s Game of Books infographic that compared the length of A Song of Ice and Fire to classic novels, you might enjoy this infographic created for Cartridge Discount. The graphic looks at the length of some famous novels, poems, and plays from literary history.


word counts of novels
Image credit: Cartridge Discount.

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  1. Friday Links | Writing and Rambling

    […] Word counts of famous books – This is a fun infographic, but please keep in mind that modern titles have different requirements, so don’t assume these are average word lengths you can apply to your own WIP. […]

  2. Daniel Williams Amherst

    What makes “Ulysses” a particularly challenging–and rewarding–read is the distribution of its width across eighteen different literary styles. It is, at once, the story of the day in the life of a character and a doff to the evolution of English literary history.
    –Daniel Williams Amherst


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