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Paper cuts, carpal tunnel, compound hangovers, and the mind-numbing effects of a friend’s experimental poetry reading are just some of the occupational hazards that any writer must face. Now we can add “sitting” to that list of potential health risks. Yes: “butt-in-chair,” one of the hallmarks of any writing guide, could actually kill writers.

Ever considerate of the perils of the literary life, Electric Lit has created an infographic of yoga poses for writers that’ll help you avoid those hazards while you hide from distracting student emails.


Yoga poster

Text by Benjamin Samuel, Lincoln Michel, and Nadxieli Nieto. Design by Nadxieli Nieto

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  1. Yogis

    It is a tremendous stress reliever, has made me kinder and more patient, and just feels good. I started teaching and loved the little yoga community I was creating.

  2. Sarah

    Very funny. I particularly like ‘plot twist’ for the curve balls in life and ‘starving artist’ (but only if it’s good cheese). My goal for the year? Accepted story pose. I probably just need to do a little less navel gazing to get there. 🙂

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  4. Conmovidos |

    […] recomiendo mucho la imperdible infografía ‘Yoga para escritores’ del blog Electric Lit, que ha sido compartida en miles de sitios. Se trata de posiciones (asanas) bastante complejas […]


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