9 Literary Party Games for Your Brainiest Friends

Get together with your well-read pals for some bookish fun

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I t’s hard to combine literature and socializing. Reading a book is usually a solitary act. Sure, there’s book clubs, but there’s always that one guy who monopolizes the conversation. And don’t even get us started on literary twitter.

In our opinion, one of the best way to bond with fellow-lovers is to engage in some friendly competition. With these 9 literary party games, you can (finally) put your English degree to good use and have a fun time.

Here is a list of book-themed games for those who love literature and socializing.

Papercuts: A Party Game for the Rude and Well Read by Electric Literature

Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity might be fun, but do they have enough crude and witty references to literature? I think not. Play Papercuts with your friends and family, and we can guarantee you’ll have a riotous time.

Paperback by by Tim Fowers

Let your competitive side run wild with Paperback, a word-building meets deck-building card game.

Bring Your Own Book Game by Gamewright

For this game, you’ll be playing in pairs. But you won’t have to team up with your less-than-favorite uncle, but rather your favorite book. To play draw a category card, reach for a book, and then find the most entertaining phrase that fits the prompt (and the judge!).

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The Storymatic Classic by The Storymatic

This deck of prompt cards can serve as a cure to writer’s block, a prompt for your next story, or a stack of cues for an interesting conversation.

Slash 2: Thirst Blood by Play Date

Bond over your love of fan fiction romance with Slash 2: Thirst Blood. The goal of this game is to fantasize and narrate the most passionate love story between two characters from literature, pop culture, or history.

Moby Dick, or, The Card Game by King Post

Based on Herman Melville’s novel, this 2–4 player card-driven narrative adventure game lets you collect tokens, assembly a crew, and sail the open sea to capture the Great White Whale.

221 Baker Street: The Master Detective Game by Gibsons

Get out your houndstooth cap and magnifying glass and don your best Benedict Cumberbatch or Robert Downey Jr. impression. This detective game is similar to the classic detective game, Clue — but with a Sherlock Holmes twist.

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Bookopoly Board Game

Deciding which rendition of Monopoly to get isn’t always easy. There is an unnecessarily large number of different themes; Dog-Opoly, Dino-Opoly, Game of Thrones Monopoly and even a Monopoly for Millenials. But Bookopoly is clearly the best.

Lit Chat: Conversation Starters About Books and Life by Book Riot

Break the ice and start a stimulating conversation with this deck of 50 prompt cards.

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