A Book Cover that Judges You Back

We tend to think of reading as a solitary activity where no can judge what we read or how we react. However, a new prototype book cover by Thijs Biersteker not only judges your face… it won’t even open unless it likes your expression! The cover, dubbed “The Cover that Judges You,” only opens if you have appropriately stern and neutral expression. Watch it at work here:

Why have a book cover that judges you? Biersteker explains:

I often worry about my scepticism and judgement getting in the way of my amazement. Judgment should never hinder the relentless enthusiasm of seeing things for the first time.”

So next time you’re giving your book a stink face, make sure it’s not looking back at you.

cover judging

Screen grabs from thecoverthatjudgesyou.com. (h/t The Guardian)

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