A Brief History of Cinnamon Sticks — a Comic by Andy Warner

A Brief History of Cinnamon Sticks — a Comic by Andy Warner

a brief history of cinnamon sticks, okey-panky

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Andy Warner’s comics have been published by The United Nations Human Rights Council, IDEO.org, Slate, Medium, American Public Media, KQED, popsci.com, The Showtime Network’s Years of Living Dangerously, The Center for Constitutional Rights, The United Nations Refugee & Works Agency, and Buzzfeed. He’s taught comics at Stanford and the California College of the Arts and is an editor on the Irene comics anthology. He’s spoken about comics journalism for the Carter Center, The Poynter Center, UCSB, San Diego Comic-Con, and the U.S. Embassy in Bahrain. He’s currently working on his first book, Brief Histories of Everyday Objects, for Picador. He draws in a garden shed in San Francisco, lives in Berkeley, and comes from the sea.


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