A Literary TSwift Mashup From Your Wildest Dreams

13 of our favorite Taylor Swift as Books Instagram posts

Screen shot from Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams” music video

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling … like there’s little I love more than an interesting combination, especially if it’s unexpected. Salt on my ice cream? Yes, please. Goats and yoga? I’m curious. Bathrobe on the Red Carpet? I’m not going to say it’s Style at its finest, but I admire a fashionista’s Fearless ambition to make it work. The point is: Two Is Better Than One, and the appeal of a good mashup is limitless.

No one understands the formula for a magic mashup better than Amy Long, the mastermind behind the Instagram account Taylor Swift as Books, which pairs photos of TSwift with book covers. In an interview with LitHub, Long described her project as harnessing cultural lightning in pursuit of good literary citizenship, the lightning being TSwift and the good literary citizenship being the promotion of small press writers and cover designers. 

Call It What You Want, with nearly 7,000 followers and counting, Taylor Swift as Books is a success—and the posts are Gorgeous

… Ready For It? Below is a sampling of my Taylor Swift as Books favorites. Enjoy!

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