Actually Nothing Even Matters and You’re Wasting Your Life

Three Comics about Death, Ambition, and the Internet by Alli Katz

Actually Nothing Even Matters and You’re Wasting Your Life

“Death is Inevitable”

Upper left panel: Dad, green: God. Is it bedtime? Mom, blue: I know. We're so old.Upper right panel: Dad: lol but we're not. Mom: Yea. Ha. That's why it's funny.Lower left panel: Child, purple: Hello! I'm much younger. To me you are very old. Lower right panel:Child: And no matter how old you are...each day brings you closer to death.

“I Love the Internet”

Upper left panel:Woman, green: I read something on the internet...Man, purple: Ooo! Do tell! I love the internet!Upper right panel:Woman: Scientists say there's a 20% chance we're living in a computer simulation.Lower left panel: Man: Hmm...Lower right panel: Man: Explains this (points to "loading" bar at the bottom of the panel.)

“My Best”

Upper left panel: Patient, light blue: I'm trying to be the best me I can beUpper right panel: Psychiatrist, light red: *listening* Patient: *silent* Lower left panel:Psychiatrist: *listening* Patient: *silent* Lower right panel:Patient: That is it.

Alli Katz is a cartoonist and writer living in Philadelphia. You can follower her on Twitter and Instagram @allikatz and see more comics at She is also pretty good at etch-a-sketching.

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