All Nakedness Ends in Death

"i like to get naked" and "skeleton of glass and marmalade," two poems by Kiik Araki-Kawaguchi

Self Aware Skelton

All Nakedness Ends in Death

i like to get naked

I like to get naked

I guess because it makes

Me think about death

All nakedness ends

In death even if you start

Out as Emily Ratajkowski

Death is the soul getting naked

Much like the dark side

Of the hermit crab

Scientists have no clue what

This actually looks like

I am guessing it’s very yucky

Many lovers have commented

The more clothes I take off

The less sexy I become

Sex at my age is almost

Always fully-clothed

If not extra-clothed

The older I get sex is so wild

And animalistic 

Think of daisy-fed lamb

Ravaged by mountain lion

Fuck no was there time

To remove the ugg boots and xmas sweater

The sex too spontaneous to remember

I have a body beneath these clothes

I like getting down to a naked body only

It is the opposite of sexual

For me it is a death thing

I am dying 

In that I am expanding

Everything far from the pump at the center

Note the direction of stretch marks

Like the growth rings of an oak

This the coroner said

Was the year of pig-belly nachos

Circling my man-titties

With her laser pointer

I ask were you shocked

My coroner was a woman

Or that her skirt

Was so tiny

What does this say about society

Is it flawed

It is flawed

skeleton of glass and marmalade

Wolverine’s superpowers are healing

The physical fleshy type wounds very good

But he sucks big time

At healing emotional wounds

Try saying a small thing

About Jean Grey 

Near that keen doglike hearing

Two modes

Either he air punches the muthafucking christ

Out of the sky with his santoku knife hands

And turns his tank top into a clingy pungent confetti 
Or gets all silent

Walks briskly to the nearest bar

And murders like 8 1/2 bikers 

I say 1/2 since there is always one in the gang

Who hasn't saved up to buy his own bike

So less biker and more

A man who enjoys hugging 

His friends upon their bikes

The point is Weapon X murders that poor dude too

He is touchy as hell

Maybe you do not even say Jean Grey

Maybe DAMN 

Look at Scott there in his new gray jeans

Wish I had gray jeans from jcpenneys 

Out come the adamantium fist kebabs

Another microbrewery covered floor to ceiling 

In the blood and terror pee of frat boys

I wouldn't have my Wolverine any other way though

Given the spectrum of mutant abilities

You know there’s another Wolverine out there

In Portland or San Francisco

Who is the mutant inversion of Logan McClaw Face

Probably this other Wolverine is like a very mature 

Well adjusted man with kleenex tissue for skin

His girlfriend dumps him but they remain best friends

Until she marries one of his coworkers 

Maybe his boss from cheesecake factory

Then they organically drift apart

Only remaining friends by facebook

Where he comments on photos of her children

They look so much like his boss!!

Then at the ripe age of 28 

One of his crocheting hooks pricks his thumb

And the skin of his hand falls from bone like rotten leaves

And his babyish pectoral muscles fall past his knees like rotten leaves

And his hair and teeth come out of his head like rotten fucking leaves

And his cock dehydrates and faints and tumbles over his balls

And snaps off and hits the carpet with a dry thud

He bleeds to death mid reach for a band aid 

His skeleton of glass and marmalade disintegrating 

Falling across the unfinished crocheted lap blanket

Because this Wolverine 

Pleasant party guest Wolverine

Always complained of a persistent chilly lap he did

O my lap is so chilly!

He would say

Because my legs are not hairy at all!

No I would not want that constellation of superpowers

Good at emotions but terrible at living

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