Buy a Copy of Fahrenheit-451 That Can Only Be Read If It’s on Fire

For a mere $451, you can now own a limited-edition heat-sensitive copy of Ray Bradbury’s book

Graphic design studio Super Terrain’s edition of Ray Bradbury’s sci-fi classic Fahrenheit-451 took the internet by storm, thanks to a video showing how its all-black pages become readable text when exposed to an open flame. (This will, and quite possibly should, also work with a hair dryer or something else not completely on fire.) And now, for only $451 — get it? — you can preorder one to keep on a specially-heated shelf in your home! If you have $451 to drop on an artist’s book, we figure you could have custom heated shelves.

What’s next for the discerning collector? How about a copy of The Omnivore’s Dilemma that can only be read if you pour corn syrup on it? Or Steinbeck’s The Pearl but the pages are opaque until you drop it in the water and run away? Cat’s Cradle but you have to freeze it first? An edition of “The Gift of the Magi” that can only be read with special glasses that you have to sell the book to afford? Maybe The Art of the Deal but the words don’t appear until you dip it in cow shit? Super Terrain, give us a call.

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