“Cash Mob” to Save St. Mark’s Bookshop

Although St. Mark’s Bookshop will be forced to move from its current location (31 Third Avenue between 8th and 9th Streets) in the East Village, the lower Manhattan literary landmark isn’t giving up so easily. The popular independent bookstore wants to move to a cheaper location in the same neighborhood, but they need our help.

Come to St. Mark’s this Saturday at 3:00 pm to participate in their hopefully epic “cash mob.” Co-owner Terry McCoy says, “We’re in the midst of some serious summer doldrums and could use a little lift… a shot in the arm.” So, buy some books to help St. Marks stick around! The Paris Review is offering free one-year subscriptions to the first five customers to spend $500 or more.


— Lucy Goss is an intern for Electric Literature. She majors in English at Cornell University. You can follow her here.

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