Chipotle Literature Included in Beinecke Library’s Rare Book Collection at Yale

If you’ve ever waited (albeit impatiently) in a Chipotle line that stretched out the door, then you already know how irresistible their burritos can be. Jonathan Safran Foer, another Chipotle fan, was the brainchild of “Cultivating Thought” — -a project that puts original short stories and essays on Chipotle’s cups and bags written by literary greats such as George Saunders, Toni Morrison, Amy Tan, Paulo Coehlo, Aziz Ansari, and Barbara Kingsolver. And unlike the guacamole, literature doesn’t cost extra.

According to the LA Times, Yale’s rare-book library recently obtained a complete set of Chipotle’s “Cultivating Thought” series. The library itself released a statement about its decision to include literature “in all its formats and in all media, documenting the ways great American writers reach diverse and unusual audiences beyond standard book publishing.”

The Atlantic reports that the Library’s collection also features poetry written on alternative materials such as pencils, postage stamps, bumper stickers, and commercial paint chips.

In order to win a spot in the prestigious library, Chipotle had to do more than bribe Yale’s rare-book collectors with burrito donations or buckets of tasty salsa. Business Insider reports that Chipotle had to apply for acceptance, just like thousands of other anxious high school seniors hoping to enter an Ivy League.

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