Getting High, Laid and Rocking Out (for three minutes)

1. He who shall not be named… aka Brian. 2. Maggie knows a great BBQ Chicken recipe.

I don’t know why every time I go out to cover an event for Dish it starts to rain but this was the case again. I went hell bent to a reading last night, boasting a theme of three of my favorite pastimes: Sex, Drugs, and Rock n’ Roll, hosted by Vol. 1 Brooklyn and at Matchless in Greenpoint.

I talked with fellow attendee, Brian, who was deep into the Deathly Hallows when I asked for a moment of his time. He found the event from, which showcases free and cheap NY events every day. Free sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll sounds like one man’s definition of happiness. Brian told me he liked the art of storytelling, with a focus on oral performance (versus reading). He said, “You’re able to adjust the story based off of what you’re getting from the crowd when you story-tell — when you’re reading you’re set with what you wrote.” Too bad it wasn’t an open-mic night, because he had a hilarious story about getting mugged by the Hungarian Mafia.

Brian (word) Cloud: expecto-patronum, Peoria, Golden-Heart

Maggie Serota, one of the night’s readers, read from her essay published in the now shuttered NY Press. The essay, about her craigslist apartment hunting adventures that repeatedly turned into sexual solicitation from the potential roommates, was one of my favorites of the night by far. One potential roommate suggested to her, that in addition to paying rent and moving in, she learn his favorite BBQ chicken recipe and become his concubine. It’s good to know that the American dream still exists, somewhere in Brooklyn. Maggie was also recently photographed for The Onion under the headline: “Lonely Teacher, Outcast Student Begin Somewhat Endearing Relationship.” She did, however, clarify that she is not a teacher, nor does she have anything against doing readings drunk.

Maggie Cloud: Molly-Shannon, Urban, Dream-gal

1. Matchless offering words of encouragement.

The readings that followed covered a range of intercourse, inebriation, and music. There were thirteen readers in all, with Christopher Weingarten ending the show with a story from an interview he did with Ministry frontman, Al Jourgensen. As he ended his story, this dialogue occurred:

Weingarten: I have my book for sale in the back, Hipster Puppies

Heckler: Boo!

Weingarten: Umm, what?

Heckler: Fuck you! I’m a hipster!


Weingarten: Well, keep it up and I’m gonna come back there and fuck you like an ostrich!

Which pretty much sums up the night.

Volume1/ Cloud: Cocaine, Nazi-Grenades, Dorian Gray


— Craig Moreau, author of Chelsea Boy, has just finished a book tour and is currently drinking a beer. He is interested in identity, democracy, and word-clouds.

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