Haruki Murakami to Pen Advice Column for Fans

Beloved Japanese Haruki Murakami has never been the most public author, but this week he announced a new advice column called “Mr. Murakami’s place.” The column will let Murakami connect with his fans around the world. Questions will be taken in any language. The Japan Times reports that he is open to advice questions of any kind and “Murakami will also answer fans’ questions on his likes and dislikes — including cats, a favorite animal of his, and the Yakult Swallows, the Japanese baseball team he supports.”

Murakami will take questions through January and then answer them over the next few months. The website and submission process hasn’t been released yet. However, we can speculate that much of the advice will involve cooking pasta, petting cats, running, and listening to old jazz records.


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