How To Quit Smoking

Read a pack a day

From fur-covered covers to pink cheetah print Kindle skins, books (or at least their appearances) don’t have to be boring. TakeTankBooks, for example, who has released a series of classic short stories in the form of cigarette packs.

“The flip-top cigarette pack is one of the most successful pieces of packaging design in history. TankBooks pay homage to this iconic form by employing it in the service of great literature.”

Electric Literature publishes in every viable medium (from paperback to enhanced PDF) in order to deliver top-notch literature into the hands of readers however they choose to read. And unconventional covers can be just as captivating as the content, or, at the very least, can capture the attention of new readers.

As any smoker knows, there’s something comforting about the dimensions of a pack of cigarettes. TankBooks says their cigarette series is the perfect size for “throwing into a pocket or handbag — an instantly familiar object to carry with you.” Maybe these stories can serve as a healthy substitute to smoking, they’re certainly preferable to those gaudy electronic cigarettes.

[via Maxwell Neely-Cohen]

Benjamin Samuel is the Online Editor of Electric Literature. He just bought another pair of running shoes, which he’s certain he’ll never use.

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