Illustrators Wild at Belcourt

1. Illustrators Joanna Nebrosky & André da Loba, with artist Lisel Ashlock creeping in the background. 2. Wild scene of illustration admirers.

Another night, another wild literary event. This time it was a release party for artist Joanna Neborsky, whose book is a collection of twenty-eight drawing & collage illustrations inspired by the Novels in Three Lines of “suspected terrorist, art-world tastemaker, and literary instigator” Félix Fénéon. [Neborsky also created an EL single-sentence animation accompanying Patrick DeWitt’s story “The Bastard”] Literary world, you’re wearing us out, with release parties like these, we’ll never get any rest.

1. Wanted photo of this woman with an amazing hat. Turned out to be Joanna’s grandmother. 2. Books & Booksellers.

1. Max & Arthur who followed a flyer they found in Park Slope on Sunday to the release. 2. Publisher Mark Batty with an adult beverage.

Covered by Anna Prushinskaya.


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