Infinite Jest in Lego Form

Fans of massive postmodernist novels and/or Lego building blocks rejoice! A father and son duo has been translating Infinite Jest into Legos. On their website,, they say:

Kevin Griffith, Professor of English at Capital University, and his son Sebastian first envisioned translating David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest into Legos after reading The Brick Bible, by Brendan Powell Smith. Wallace’s novel is probably the only contemporary text to offer a similar challenge to artists working in the medium of Lego.

May I suggest Lego Blood Meridian next?

According to The Guardian:

Picking which scenes to do, in a 1,079-page text, was something of a challenge, he says: Griffith would choose which he felt would work best, and then his son would tackle the toy brick reconstruction.

Here are a few samples from the 100 scenes, but fans will need to check out the entire thing.

opening of infinite jest

P. 12. ‘I am not just a creatus, manufactured, conditioned, bred for a function.’ ‘Sweet mother of Christ,’ the Director says.

angel david foster wallace

p. 44 And out of nowhere a bird had all of a sudden fallen into the Jacuzzi.

Feral hamsters

p. 93. Feral hamsters are not pets. They mean business.

Marathe Infinite Jest

p. 94. Marathe said: ‘. . . have I merely pretended to pretend to pretend to betray.’

Mario infinite jest

p. 125. At which point U.S.S. Millicent Kent stopped them . . . and crushed Mario’s large head to the area just below her breasts . . .

skull faces legos

p. 138. The rock thing–which has become a grim bit of mythopoeia now trotted out to illustrate how cushy the present Ennet residents have it–was probably not as whacko as it seemed to Division of S.A.S., since many of the things veteran AA’s ask newcomers to do and believe seem not much less whacko than trying to chew feldspar.

Infinite Jest microwave

p. 251. ‘The packed foil was to preserve the vacuum in a space that got automatically evacuated as soon as the magnitron started oscillating and generating the microwave.’

lego jest

p. 295. After four weeks, Orin’s success at kicking big egg-shaped balls was way past anything he’d accomplished hitting little round ones.

Eschaton, lego infinite jest

p. 341 The snowfall makes everything look gauzy and terribly clear at the same time . . .

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