John Waters & Carolyn Kellogg at Coco66

1. Gloria & Jennifer, who attended the Waters event to support their friend Carolyn Kellogg. Fave Waters movies: Hairspray & Crybaby. 2. Rob & Paulina. Rob wants you to know that he wears glasses, and reading is fun.

Last night marked the beginning of the Brooklyn Book Festival weekend, and brought acclaimed cult film director John Waters to Greenpoint to discuss, among other things, the release of his new book Role Models with LA Times staff writer Carolyn Kellogg. The event was held in the back room of Coco66, and felt more like a rock show than a literary event — fitting for a man like Waters. The room was packed, which made sense considering tickets ($25, and included a copy of Role Models) sold out the preceding Monday. Waters spoke with Kellogg on stage and then answered some audience questions before signing books and taking pictures with his adoring fans.

1. Jessi & Andy. Fave Waters movie: Female Trouble, but a close second is Desperate Living. 2. Andy shows off his fabulous nails, although he admitted they’re far from practical — especially when it comes to pulling his card out of an ATM.

Here’s some Waters one-liner highlights:

“(Greenpoint) looks like Baltimore. But in Baltimore there’s no irony. In Baltimore, you ask people what they do for a living and they say things like ‘trade deer meat for crack’, except they say it without any irony at all.”

“Warhol used to wear $300,000 necklaces under a turtleneck, so nobody knew he was wearing it except himself. That’s the best way to be elitist.”

1. Anna & Emily. Anna gave Emily Role Models as a gift, inscribing “You are my role model” in eyeliner on the first page. 2. LA Times writer Carolyn Kellogg, who interviewed Waters on stage (and did a great job!).

“You can’t have a real redneck bar in New York. It’s faux redneck. If you were a real redneck, you’d be too stupid to move to New York.”

“(Justin Bieber) has a field of whiteheads fighting underneath there. Except he already beat me to that joke, because he’s already doing pimple ads.”

“I don’t trust anyone who hasn’t been to jail.”

“I find some closeted people to be refreshing. They don’t want you to take them to dinner, they’re too afraid someone will see them. They just want to come over.”

The big man himself, with fan Kelsey.

“The Jackass boys are totally my type. Blue collar boys with anal troubles and a sense of humor.”

[In regards to Mary’s virgin birth] “That sounds like the worst night ever! Getting pregnant without getting fucked.”

“I don’t have pets because I’m not lonely.”

“I don’t like reality TV. I think it’s mean spirited. I mean, I do feel superior to Schnookie or whatever her name is, but I don’t like it. I feel like with reality TV, you’re laughing at them. In my movies, you never laugh at people. No, I want you to laugh with me in amazement at them.”

–Julia Jackson is working on her MFA in fiction at Brooklyn College, and is a regular contributor for Electric Dish.


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