LIT LINKS: beautiful books edition

In case you missed it, here’s what happened this week at Electric Literature and elsewhere…

We released a stunning new Single Sentence Animation (above) for the latest Recommended Reading, “Orange” by Tarah Scalzo.

We shared 15 beautiful ways to destroy a book.

We saw book covers designed by street artists and a variety of covers for Orwell’s 1984.

We got ready for summer with NPR’s favorite comics for the season, and polished up our literary canon with illustrated adaptations of classic lit.

We rubbernecked doomed books with Kerry Mansfield’s arresting portraits of library books headed for the discard pile.

…and speaking of death, the telegram is going the way of, well, everything. If that makes you sad, cheer up by getting some beers inspired by Game of Thrones — they go great with James Salter’s favorite lunch (women).

 — Benjamin Samuel is the co-editor of Electric Literature. His favorite book is pretty. Find him on Twitter.


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