Midweek Links: Literary Links from Around the Web (June 25th)

Looking for some interesting reading to get you through the week? Here are some literary links from around the web to check out:

fight club for kids

Chuck Palahniuk rewrites Fight Club to be kid friendly

Is social media more valuable to writers of color than any MFA program?

Lit Hub lists 10 great writers that nobody reads anymore

Judd Apatow explains why he decided to write comedy

Writers defeat publishers! In basketball at least…

538tries, but fails, to figure out the most banned book in America

Going from poetry to fan fiction

Love murder mysteries? Check out this free serialized mystery novella at The Lineup

Writers are divided on Amazon’s plan to pay writers by pages read instead of by book

Lastly, Celeste Ng on “What is Asian American literature, anyway?”

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