Midweek Links: Literary Links from Around the Web (June 3rd)

Looking for some interesting reading to get you through hump day? Here are some literary links from around the web to check out:

monk footnotes

Jonathan Russell Clark looks at the history of the footnote

SF author Jeff VanderMeer and Living Colour Guitarist Vernon Reid chat about genre

Parul Sehgal on contemporary authors creating new narratives from motherhood

Thankfully, it is still legal to read Of Mice and Men in Idaho

Science Fiction legend Ursula K. Le Guin really wants you to stop buying books from Amazon

It’s possible to learn to love Ben Lerner

At least one novelist feels bad about opposing Charlie Hebdo’s PEN award (our coverage of that controversy here)

Lots of famous authors tell the NY Times how much Judy Blume meant to them

Lastly, here is an excerpt from Jonathan Franzen’s latest novel, Purity (have you seen the covers?)

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