Midweek Links: Literary Links from Around the Web (March 3rd)

Looking for some interesting reading to get you through the week? Here are some literary links from around the web to check out:

Victor LaValle talks H.P. Lovecraft, racism, and his new Lovecraftian novella The Ballad of Black Tom (read our review here)

When Samuel Beckett tried to move into movies

The Dark Tower adaptation has its hero and villain: Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey

Kathleen Spivack talks about being a debut author in her 70s

Volume 1 previews March book releases

Revisiting the “vivid hopelessness” of William Gibson’s Neuromancer

The fight for Shakespeare’s wit

Interview with SF author Nick Mamatas about his new novel

When you learn you won a $200k literary prize after checking your junk mail

What books are banned in China? Well, it’s complicated…

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