Midweek Links: Literary Links from Around the Web (May 19th)

Looking for some interesting reading to get you through the week? Here are some literary links from around the web to check out:

How the late Katherine Dunn’s Geek Love was a bible for weird kids

J.K. Rowling thinks Donald Trump is a bigot, but still defends his right for free speech

What David Foster Wallace knew about tennis

Follow the breadcrumbs: the power of using fairy tales in contemporary literary fiction

Books with characters that you’d love to have as neighbors

George R.R. Martin kills characters because “it has to be done”

Are distributors the new gatekeepers in publishing?

Women swept this year’s Nebula awards (and here is what the authors are up to next)

The eerily accurate SF predictions of J.G. Ballard

Don’t be naive: writers you know will steal your life and use it for fiction

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