Neil Gaiman May Read the Cheesecake Factory Menu

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What do Neil Gaiman, Cheesecake Factory, book collecting, and the Russian Charles Bukowski have in common? They’re all part of the new Twin Peaks mythology…Nah, not really. But they are filling out today’s literary news.

A New “Twin Peaks” Book is Coming this Fall

Fans of Twin Peaks have even more to be excited about, as show co-creator Mark Frost has announced he’s set to publish a novel this fall titled Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier. Billed as a loose follow-up to his 2016 novel The Secret History of Twin Peaks, the book will help fill viewers in on what happened in their favorite whacko Pacific Northwest town in the 25 years between seasons. Commenting on his goals for the book, Frost said, “I wanted to frame [the search for hidden truths] in a setting that includes mysteries and secrets of all types and let the reader sort their way through it and see what they think.” Sounds like a plan. See you guys at the Black Lodge. Wait, is it the White one? Which one is better, remind me?

[Los Angeles Times/Michael Schaub]

Neil Gaiman May Dramatically Read the Entire Cheesecake Factory Menu

Writer Sara Benincasa has appealed to American Gods author Neil Gaiman to perform a dramatic reading of the entire Cheesecake Factory menu, so long as she can raise $500,000 for the charity of his choice. A bit out of left field? Sure, but Gaiman accepted the challenge, selecting the United Nations Refugee Agency as the beneficiary of Benincasa’s efforts. You can donate on their Crowd Wise page. For anyone who needs reminding, the Cheesecake Factory menu is really really really long and pretty intricate — think Norse mythology but with fettuccine alfredo and multi-thousand calorie appetizers.

[Huffington Post/Katherine Brooks]

New Prize for Female Book Collectors

The women behind Brooklyn’s Honey & Wax bookstore have announced a new prize aimed at young female book collectors. It’s open to anyone under 30, and the $1,000 award hopes to incentivize a new generation of women readers to participate in the rare books trade. So, have you been wondering who’s going to help you out with that burgeoning stash of early biology manuals authored by discredited continental medical men? Wonder no more! Apply here by July 17th.

Russian Poet to Run for Moscow Office

Russian poet and leftist political activist Kirill Medvedev has announced his candidacy for Municipal Deputy of Moscow’s Meshchansky District. Medvedev, a staunch anti-Putinist, gained recognition both in Russia and internationally for It’s No Good, his 2012 collection of poems and essays, as well as his Russian translations of Charles Bukowski. In recent years, he has forgone corporate printing and distribution of his work, preferring an anti-capitalist model. Medvedev’s full candidate statement can be read on his public Facebook page. Hopefully this news might inspire some American poets to make a return to politics (looking at you, presidential candidate Eileen Myles).

[Melville House/Ian Dreiblatt]

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