Norman Mailer’s House is for Sale

Norman Mailer’s Provincetown residence, where the author once boxed, wrote, and partied, is now on the market. “It is sad but, you know, honestly no one’s around to use it except for a couple of weeks a summer,” Michael Mailer, the author’s oldest son, told Cape Cod’s Wicked Local.

After Mailer’s death, the house was used by the Norman Mailer Center for their summer Writers Colony. Read A. Igoni Barrett’s essay about his fellowship at the Colony here.

The Norman Mailer Center had until March to purchase the home at a reduced price of $3.5 million. It’s now on the market for $3.9 million. If you’re interested in buying, Electric Literature’s staff is available for house warming parties.

— Benjamin Samuel is the co-editor of Electric Literature. He lives in Brooklyn, but his other home is on Twitter.

Image via BookPage

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