Our Second Novel Is Here!

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“It’s time for Bobby Bird, my friend. It’s time for pink cotton.”

And it’s time for Electric Literature’s new novel. Saguaro by Carson Mell chronicles the life of singer Bobby Bird — a legend in pink cotton, a living history in tattoos, the very embodiment of rock and roll — as he finds himself rolled up in barbiturates, at sea with Satanic cults, finding true love, selling out, and coming back.

VICE Magazine says, “[Bobby Bird] has lived enough lives and wild times for a couple Willie Nelsons and maybe one Mick Jagger.”

Carson originally self-published Saguaro and sold out of 1,000 copies, and the only way to get your hands on one was to pay $60 for a used copy on Amazon. Until now.
The Saguaro eBook will take you deeper into the world of Bobby Bird with illustrations, album covers, and animations from Carson Mell.

Get your copy today for just $7.99!

Also available on Nook and Kobo!

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