Paris Review Winter Issue Release Party

1. Reader Tim Ruddy tames the crowd. 2. PR trifecta: managing editor Nicole Rudick, admirer (and architect) Katy Barkan, and intern Emma Gallwey.

The Paris Review is nothing if not reliable. Last year, they released their winter issue with a no-nonsense, no-reading holiday party at their own headquarters. This year, they moved the thing to McNally Jackson for a no-nonsense program, followed by an equally serious after-party at nearby bar Sweet and Vicious.

1. Two pairs of nice tights among Dierdre Schoo, Maggie Rempe, and Jeff Takacs. 2. Writers Dawn Chen and Irina Aleksander alongside PR’s senior editor Deirdre Foley-Mendelssohn.

As you’d expect, the McNally basement was standing room only, with the cleverest forgoing view of the mini-stage for a bean bag seat in the children’s section. The man, the myth, the legend Lorin Stein played emcee, announcing a few raffles for choice items between the readings. Tote bag winner and freelance writer Taylor Lorenz was especially geeked to have a place to put the books she’d picked up.

1. Freelancers and fast friends Taylor Lorenz (tote bag winner!) and Caitlin Domke. 2. PR Assistant Editor Natalie Jacoby, occasional PR legal support Sean Kass, Miranda Popkey, and Miranda’s excellent green sweater. It’s the reason for the season.

As for the readings, there was Lara Apponyi standing in for the late Clarice Lispector, whose “Two Stories” appears in the Winter Issue, and there was Tim Ruddy standing in for Paul Murray, who couldn’t be imported from Dublin in time to read his funny Christmas anecdote, “That’s My Bike!,” also in the issue.

1. Wylie Agency staffers Devin Kennedy and Angelica Baker, lovely people both now regrettably blind from camera flash in very dark bar. 2. The turned heads are wondering: “Why is this girl trying to take pictures in this very dark bar?”

The formalities were no more than forty minutes and the crowd that didn’t immediately depart for the real bar hung around the makeshift one in the Self-Help/History section. It was equal parts PR staff, PR admirers, and PR loose affiliates.

1. Since you asked: I’m stalking Lorin Stein.

When McNally returned the basement lights to their normal brightness, we all scampered over to join the crowd at Sweet and Vicious. Since I missed it, Jon-Jon Goulian regaled me with antics from the last New York Literary Death Match, and all down the bar similarly animated stories were being told and heard. No one seemed to mind that there was only one bartender (except, I’m guessing, the bartender herself) and it was clear that, just like every other Paris Review party, this one would wind its merry way into late night.

The Paris Review’s Winter Issue

— Kai Twanmoh is pleased to be back in the Dish rotation.

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