Partying with Books, Literally: Mellow Pages Library Launch


The opening of the Mellow Pages Library and Reading Room last Thursday had a good dose of awesome: a pushcart filled with PBR and plastic crates acting as bookshelves. Maybe that sounds too Bushwickian, but it was a Thursday night and instead of a dark, overpriced bar, we were packed in with some pretty people and pushed up against beautiful books. We wouldn’t have circulated the 200-square-foot studio if not for Mellow Pagers founders Jacob Perkins and Matt Nelson. Because of them, books rested on nails, turned outward for optimal eye browsing, alternately sparking and derailing conversation.

1. They’ve got books for daaaayz 2. Book-wrangling cowboys/co-founders Jacob Perkins and Matt Nelson

The library is one-of-a-kind for Brooklyn despite the recent crop of small bookstores opening in the area. Members can join for a $20 annual fee or by donating books from the “wish list”. Once they’re in, they can check out any of the 500 small press, classics and theory titles — one at a time. All readers — members or no — are welcome to hang out and do what they do best (read).

1. Mo’ books 2. Jordan McIntyre of The Crumpled Press; Eric Nelson of Fireside Follies & writer Robin Grearson.


Karina Briski is a writer and runs Words with Beers, a monthly reading series in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.

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