Pizza Island in Bushwick

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1. Audience at Brooklyn Fire Proof. 2. Domitille Collardey.

A Saturday night in Bushwick is by definition fun (!!) and call me biased in you want… What happens if in addition to this default Bushwick fun, 2 prodigal Fireside Follies sons return accompanied by 7 sassy cartoonist ladies?

1. Julia Wertz. 2. Julia Wertz often tells stories about her childhood and family.

Mike Lala and Eric Nelson started a popular Bushwick reading series of 4 editions not such a long time ago. One of the readers in the last installment of Fireside Follies was a cartoonist Julia Wertz who was projecting and reading her comics. Julia was really funny and her presentation received a huge response. Mike and Eric invited Julia and the rest of her cartoonist collective Pizza Island and threw an event entirely around cartoons, music and beer. We saw a variety of comics styles from the 7 Pizza Island ladies, and at the end of the night I felt like the entire world was in comics and people talked using bubbles and the bartender just dropped a glass and it was *boom* and *pow*…

1. Karen Sneider reading a monster mix tape comic. 2. Karen Sneider’s monsters.

1. Kate Beaton. 2. Kate Beaton’s comic.

1. Lisa Hanawalt. 2. Lisa Hanawalt’s comic about rumours she heard about Anna Wintour.

1. Meredith Gran. 2. Meredith Gran’s cartoon.

1. Musical guests David Heatley and Jeffrey Lewis. 2. Sarah Glidden.

–Katarina Hybenova is a writer and a photographer based in Brooklyn, and the editor in chief of

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