Electric Literature Issue 4 PDF



Before Electric Literature relaunched as an online publisher with the first issue of Recommended Reading in 2012, we published six issues of a quarterly(ish) anthology. Available in all formats, including ebook and print, it pioneered a new publishing model that is standard practice today. Now, for the first time in years, PDF editions of those anthologies are available for purchase. Our fourth issue (July 2010) celebrates the transportive joy of entering a vividly imagined world. Celebrated Spanish author Javier Marías spins a tale of a mild-mannered teacher turned ghost hunter. Mexican writer Roberto Ransom (translated here into English for the first time) introduces us to a master fresco painter and the conservationist who tries to recapture his magic hundreds of years later, with mystifying results. National Book Award nominee and Pulitzer Prize finalist Joy Williams pens a fable about Baba Iaga and her pelican child, kept safe in a hut on chicken legs, until a mysterious historical figure asks to paint her portrait. Ben Stroud tells the harrowing story of a destitute cripple sent by his emperor to destroy a holy man and preserve the kingdom, and Man Booker nominee Patrick deWitt returns to chronicle the deviant adventures of a man known only as “the Bastard.” Cover art by Aaron Johnson. After purchase, you will receive an email with a link to download the PDF file. To purchase this item as a gift, just forward the follow-up email, which includes instructions for accessing your digital item, to the gift recipient.