Electric Literature Issue 6 PDF



Before Electric Literature relaunched as an online publisher with the first issue of Recommended Reading in 2012, we published six issues of a quarterly(ish) anthology. Available in all formats, including ebook and print, it pioneered a new publishing model that is standard practice today. Now, for the first time in years, PDF editions of those anthologies are available for purchase. Electric Literature’s sixth and final issue in the series (September 2011) travels highways, the waters of New York’s harbors, and the grooves of a burned out LP. In Matt Sumell’s “OK,” a son visits his stubbornly suicidal father at his flea infested home. In “Where We Missed Was Everywhere” by Mary Otis, a brother and sister seek refuge from a funeral in a Beach Boys classic. The adult siblings in Marc Basch’s “Three” react to one brother’s dealings with a kid bully they encounter on a back country road. The subjects of a starvation experiment in Steve Edward’s “Daily Bread” find their worlds reduced to the size of their stomachs. And the anthology’s final story, “The Reader” by Pulitzer Prize finalist Nathan Englander, chronicles a discouraged author haunted by his one remaining reader. Cover art by Sean Landers. After purchase, you will receive an email with a link to download the PDF file. To purchase this item as a gift, just forward the follow-up email, which includes instructions for accessing your digital item, to the gift recipient.