Electric Literature Issues 1-6 PDF Bundle



Before Electric Literature relaunched as an online publisher with the first issue of Recommended Reading in 2012, we published six issues of a quarterly(ish) anthology. Available in all formats, including ebook and print, it pioneered a new publishing model that is standard practice today. Now, for the first time in years, PDF editions of those anthologies are available for purchase. Save $5 when you purchase Electric Literature’s six anthologies from our early years—featuring stories by Patrick deWitt, Colson Whitehead, Lydia Davis, Aimee Bender, Jenny Offill, Nathan Englander, and many other innovative and important contemporary writers—as a PDF bundle. After purchase, you will receive an email link to download the files. To purchase this item as a gift, just forward the follow-up email, which includes instructions for accessing your digital item, to the gift recipient.