Steel Yourself Before You Reveal Yourself (Video)




A good journalist reports the story, but never becomes the story. But as essayists and non-fiction writers, we're not journalists. Sometimes our lives are, in fact, the story. What does it mean to write about ourselves and our lives, and then, to publish that writing? What does it mean when people read that writing, and discuss it—and us—publicly, as well as privately?

  Alexander Chee (How To Write an Autobiographical Novel), Morgan Jerkins (This Will Be My Undoing), and Joseph Osmundson (Virology, forthcoming 2022) discuss the choice to write about ourselves and dive into the public discourse as both writer and subject, and how to prepare for the unique scrutiny that comes with essay, memoir, and autobiographical writing. They also offer tools to help writers determine how much of themselves to reveal in their writing in the first place. Moderated by Denne Michele Norris.   This event took place live on October 12 as part of Electric Lit’s Fall 2021 series. Their conversation was followed by an audience Q&A. After purchase, you will receive an email with a private link to stream the video as often as you like. Runtime is 1 hr and 16 mins.