Recommended Reading Is Open for Submissions of Translated Fiction

From November 15th to 29th, we’re accepting submissions for newly translated stories

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As if broadening our reading horizons beyond our native tongue wasn’t impressive enough, great translators do so much more. They go further than the meaning of a text, give us access to the melody and feeling of literature from different worlds. And yet, for their almost magical service to global readers, they are often under-acknowledged.

We’d like to have a round, of sorts, for all the translators out there. So, for two weeks, from November 15th through 29th, we’re opening a special period of submissions for our weekly fiction magazine, Recommended Reading, exclusively for translated work. If you’re in the business of language conversion, check out the guidelines and notes below.

  • Translators can submit either a sample, or a fully translated story that has not been published in English before. For full stories, per our usual length parameters we will consider pieces between 1,500 and 10,000 words.
  • In cover letters, submitters should detail who is the rights holder — themselves or the original author — as we will need to clear these for publication.
  • Upon a story’s acceptance, we will pay $100 to the translator and $100 to the original author or rights holder.
  • Note that we are looking for stories translated to English.

This period is just a special window for underrepresented work — we happily accept translated stories during any submissions opening, and if you’re a member, year-round! Check out our membership benefits here to find out more!

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