Stephanie Meyer Celebrates Twilight’s Ten Year Anniversary With Gender Swapped Book

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Instead of the customary new edition most publisher provide for a book anniversary, Stephanie Meyer did her fans one better and wrote a new edition of Twilight featuring a female vampire, named Edythe, and a human boy, Beauford. The new book is titled Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined.

Meyer, a self proclaimed feminist who has dedicated time and funds to promoting work by female writers (sometimes to strong reactions), took issue with criticism that the original Twilight’s Bella was too consumed with her love interest, and has rewritten the book to move the focus from “damsel in distress” to “human in distress”, as she puts it.

The details about the anniversary edition of Twilight have been left vague for a long time, and today’s new release ends speculations about Meyer rewriting the book from Edward’s perspective, ala Fifty Shades of Grey rewrite Grey, released this spring.

There are many questions to ask in light of this announcement, most of which are demonstrated perfectly in GIFS here.

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