Sunday Sundries: Literary Links from Around the Web (Feb. 15th)

Looking for some Sunday reading? Here are some literary links from around the web that you might have missed:

Alice in wonderland

Did Lewis Carroll invent surrealism with Alice in Wonderland?

The Millions looks at how novelists use visual aides like maps and calendars to write

The Atlantic on Joan Didion, fashion, and loss thinks novellas are the future of publishing

David Ulin on the ethics of writing about real people

Everyone is swooning over this hot dudes reading books instagram account

The world lost a great journalist this week when David Carr passed away. Here was his last article looking at Jon Stewart and Brain Williams

Barbara Newhall: a literary prodigy who disappeared

Finally, some post-Valentine’s Day reading:

25 painfully unrequited love stories from literature

Love letters from your neglected writing projects

50 great poems about sex

A modern guide to the love letter

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