Sunday Sundries: Literary Links from Around the Web (January 4th)

Looking for some Sunday reading? Here are some literary links from around the web that you might have missed:

Stuttgart City Library, photo from Flickr/jwltr freiburg

18 of the most beautiful libraries in the world

LA Times says “Like experimental short stories? There’s an app for that” (p.s. the app is from us!)

How Kazuo Ishiguro wrote “Remains of the Day” in 4 weeks

The BBC says “we can learn a lot about the art of living from Tolstoy’s War and Peace

The New Yorker profiles Michael Moorcock, “the Anti-Tolkien”

io9 picks the best SF&F books of 2014

“New research shows that the book-buying universe — both digital and printed — is expanding, not contracting”

Electric Literature is launching a new weekly magazine: Okey-Panky

Melville House sold out of the first print run of the CIA torture report

Are these the 9 poetry books of 2014 that will be read in 2114?

Take this quiz to see if you are as well-read as Stephen King

Lastly, in case you missed them here are the 15 most popular Electric Literature articles of 2014

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