Sunday Sundries: Literary Links from Around the Web (Nov. 16th)

Looking for some Sunday reading? Here are some literary links from around the web that you might have missed:

Here’s what we learn when Philip Roth, Don DeLilo, Lydia Davis, and other famous writers revisit their early work

“People don’t actually like creativity,” Slate sadly informs us

Describing the indescribable with Jeff Vandermeer

Buzzfeed lists 20 under 40 debut writers you need to be reading

Margaret Atwood talks to Vulture about genetic engineering and her new HBO adaptation (our story on the latter here)

Speaking of HBO science fiction adaptations, did you hear the network is planning to adapt Asimov’s Foundation series?

More SF linkage: Strange Horizons posted a long interview with the late Iain Banks about the Culture

Readpolitik: Rob Spillman on Claudia Rankine’s polemical poetry

Grimm brothers’ fairytales have blood and horror restored in new translation

And the Guardian takes a look at “a medieval Fifty Shades of Grey

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