Sunday Sundries: Literary Links from Around the Web (Oct. 19th)

Looking for some Sunday reading? Here are some literary links from around the web that you might have missed this week:

The New York Times asks if we read differently at different ages

Brooklyn Mag lists a book for every state in the US of A

Flavorwire ranks 50 films about writers

Ten science fiction authors whose work just kept getting weirder and weirder

11 small press authors and their editors talk about indie publishing

Alexander Chee talks about the time he only read women writers

Ploughshares on why writing short stories is still a good way for young writers to get published

The New Yorker on S. E. Hinton and the great YA debate

A to X writing advice, courtesy of copy chief Benjamin Dreyer

Zadie Smith on “finding your beach” in NYC

Darcey Steinke on her friendship with the late great Barry Hannah

The most beloved books around the world… according to Facebook users

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