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There won’t be a Masquerade this year, but we still need your support. Help us reach our goal by Oct 1!

For the past three years, Electric Literature has celebrated with 300 of our closest friends at the Masquerade of the Red Death. But for obvious reasons, 2020 is not the year to gather in a large group for a pestilence-themed party. 

We are officially canceling this year’s Masquerade, which is usually held the Thursday before Halloween.

You can still support Electric Lit’s work to make literature more exciting, relevant, and inclusive by donating the cost of a Masquerade ticket.

Without the Masquerade, Electric Literature’s work is in jeopardy.

Today, I’m asking you to donate $35—the price of an early-bird Masquerade ticket—to support our work. Our goal is to sell 300 “tickets” by October, which would raise $10,000.

Upcoming Virtual Events

In lieu of the Masquerade, we will we hosting a series of unique virtual salons this fall. Sign up for our mailing list to make sure you don't miss out!