Ted Wilson Says Goodbye to the World

Hello, and welcome to my week-by-week review of the world. Today I am saying goodbye.

After eight years reviewing the world, this column has come to an end. I’ve recently encountered some health concerns and have been given only six weeks to live. While I’m not suffering from any specific malady, I am rather old, and at a recent checkup I pressed my doctor on the matter and she said, “for all I know it could be as little as six weeks.” I’m hoping to beat this thing called old age but the outlook is not good.

With such a prognosis, and also because Electric Literature has cancelled this column, this is my final installment of Ted Wilson Reviews the World that will be published publicly. I will continue reviewing everything in the world in the privacy of my own home, where I do a lot of other private things I can’t tell you about. My reviews will be kept in a notebook, to be revealed only upon my death or if a home invader should find it.

Reviewing one item per week for the last eight years has allowed me to review a lot, but not nearly everything. My hope is that with what little time I have left I can fulfill my pledge of reviewing the world even if that means three-word reviews such as “too many holes” or “not a cabbage.” I also may not be able to devote the time required to spellcheck or fact-check anything.

I would like to thank The Rumpus for originally publishing my column, and Electric Literature for publishing my column up until they decided they no longer wanted to.

I now feel a bit foolish for having spent money on this commercial.

For the next six weeks you can contact me by any of the methods below. (Please sign up for my email list if you’d like to be notified of my funeral arrangements.)

I am on Twitter.com: @iamtedwilson
My email is: iamtedwilson@gmail.com
Call me sometime: (617) 379–2576
All my reviews are here: iamtedwilson.com

Your Friend Forever,

P.S. Please enjoy this audio review of my review of the alphabet.

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